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DLL Editor's note -- The Storify service will not be available after 5/16/18. Sometime before then the DLL will port some of its some of its most viewed Storifies to a collection of posts on this Website, formatted as Google sheets using the free TAGS service.

Most of the events on this page -- chats, meet ups, workshops, conferences, and hackathons -- contain links to curations of significant events that involved substantial black participation in the coding movement's education, civic hacking, and entrepreneur/tech sectors. And most of these events were curated by the DLL using Storify, but curations by others using Storify (and one Eventify) are also included (but are highlighted in green)

Disclaimer -- DLL Storifies of events are "firehose" drafts, i.e., they include all tweets, except RTs, in chronological order without comment or classification. Should an event's sponsor publish an organized official version, the DLL drafts will be removed from this page. (Note: the DLL's Storifies usually do not include retreats or profane remarks.)

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  • Entrepreneur/tech conference -- DLL Storify of White House Demo Day 2015 ... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 -- Tuesday 8/4/15

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